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Social Work & Psichology

Recognizing the diversity of situations that can occur in the school context, we offer a range of comprehensive services that can be tailored to the particular needs of educational institutions. From services to individuals in their interpersonal relationships and group dynamics up to institutional accompaniment. We aim to hone skills for dealing with social endeavors in the scholar scenarios. We accompany so that problems can be solved assertively, contextualized and professional fashion, involving students, their families, and faculty. In addition, we provide recommendations and future plans to strengthen the quality of the educational service and the institution’s trustworthiness as a safe and brave space.

Service Structure

  1. Reach out to us

  2. Fill Service Request Form

  3. Confirm Form Reception

  4. Request Form Discussion

  5. Quote

  6. Service Agreement

  7. Contract Signing

  8. Service Offering

  9. Billing

  10. Service Evaluation & Review

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