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Tool Production

Here, we create things our way as a response to the challenges the context brings. Mainly, we focus on boardgames, cards and infographics. Also, we design and deliver interactive posters, manuals and strategies that strengthen healthy group dynamics, generating dialogues in rebellious, joyous and productive fashion. This means, devising tools that address various social-economic - political-environmental - cultural problems that lead us to reflect critically on daily life. In doing so, we also nurture Popular Education from Puerto Rico. Each production can be adapted to different themes and groups. Our products includes basic training, carrying tube, complementary game pieces such as cards, pawns, dice, instructions and a Guide for facilitation.

Service Structure

  1. Birth of the idea

  2. Preliminary conceptualization

  3. Literature Review

  4. Goal Setting

  5. Mechanical Design

  6. Graphic Art and Design

  7. Test Drive

  8. Review & Changes

  9. Manufacture

  10. Distribution

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