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Methodology & Graphic Design

Pueblo Crítico offers on-demand graphic design, the illustration of materials and methodology. We know you have enough creative imagination to visualize the tools and methods you need in their daily work. We offer our skills to make that idea a tangible one, whether its banners, manuals, interactive posters, board games, and strategies. Count on us to explore your needs and propose different action routes. We go from that idea that you already have in the pipeline, to the manufacture and delivery of the material. Also, we make sure that your tools and methological strategies recognize Inclusive Language and meet the rules for visual accessibility. Use this service for educational programs, group exercises, facilitation techniques, infographics, graphic art, illustration and more ...

Service Structure

  1. Reach out to us

  2. Fill Service Request Form

  3. Identification of Needs

  4. Dialogue 1: Brainstorming

  5. Dialogue 2: The Proposal

  6. Dialogue 3: The Feedback

  7. Revision & Changes

  8. Final Approval

  9. Manufacture & Delivery

  10. Service Evaluation & Review

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