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Event Facilitation

Pueblo Crítico can facilitate events that have been designed by other people and organizations aligned with our values. Under this type of accompaniment, the experience starts with a discussion about the aspirations the client has for convening and unite a given audience in an event. We move together step by step, from structuring a program or itinerary to running the facilitation of the event. What we add, is the critical deliberation of initial aspirations and envisioned methodologies to guarantee engaged participation, the democratization of the processes to be lived, the promotion of a solidary leadership. Also, we reinforce facilitation that is inclusive, soulful, and conscious intersectional power dynamics.

Service Structure

  1. Reach out to us

  2. Fill Service Request Form

  3. Identification of Needs

  4. Meeting 1: Aspirations

  5. Meeting 2: The Proposal

  6. Meeting 3: Methodology

  7. Revision & Changes

  8. Material Manufacture

  9. Facilitation

  10. Service Evaluation & Review

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