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Pueblo Crítico recognize that one essential aspect for the participation of those in organizing is the care of their children. With this in mind, we provide day and night care services at home, either in residences or at event venues. The idea is for guardians to focus on their work, organization, rallies, education, training, and fighting the system tasks, with the certainty that their children are cared for, fed, entertained and educated by social workers and educators. We have tools and activities in which children can play while expressing themselves over the real-life from a critical and colorful perspective in tune with their ages and educational interests. We take care of children and youth from their first month onwards. We coordinate the necessary staff according to the number of participants and their age ranges. We rate according to the hours and staff needed.

Service Structure

  1. Contact us

  2. Fill the Service Request Form

  3. Submit the Form

  4. Discussion of the Request

  5. Quote

  6. Service Agreement

  7. Coordination

  8. Service Offering

  9. Billing

  10. Service Evaluation & Review

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