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Pueblo Crítico accompanies the immersion in Popular Education. It goes from approaching the reality from and on which you would like to act, to identify current needs and challenges. From brainstorming ideas to working on said reality trough the Popular Education framework. Advisory is conceived as a type of accompaniment that is sustained through meetings, some for dialogue, others for work design, test, and reflection. We go hand in hand, starting at reading reality from a critical perspective. Then we move to design and implementation, until the final phase of evaluation.

Service Structure

  1. Reach out to us 

  2. Fill Service Request Form

  3. Identification of Needs

  4. Intro to Popular Education

  5. Critically Reading of reality

  6. Brainstorming

  7. Conceptualizing tools

  8. Test Drive

  9. Praxis: Action & Reflection

  10. Service Evaluation & Review

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